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Boiler Repair Services

Plumbtricians are experts when it comes to Boiler Servicing and Boiler Repair Services. Boilers are an essential part of your premises. Most people realise this when there is a breakdown. There are many reasons for a sudden breakdown including ignoring boiler servicing, which we offer to our clients. There are many benefits of an annual regular servicing of your boilers including:


▪  Annual service will keep a check on your boiler and identify problems before they occur, saving future boiler repair costs.


▪   Annual service will keep your boiler clean and in immaculate condition, reducing the chances of a breakdown.


▪   Periodic servicing enhances the life of your boiler.


▪   Regular servicing will also protect you and your family from hazards.


Servicing can save your cost on big Boiler Repair Services. Contact Us for more information.


Our local Gas Safe registered engineers provide industrial, commercial and domestic services related to gas and boilers (including boiler repair services). These services includes installations, servicing and repairs to the following:

▪   Central heating

▪   Water heaters

▪   Gas fires

▪   Boilers

▪   Back boilers

▪   Circulators and pumps

▪   Combination boiler fault find specialist

▪   Radiators

▪   Gas pipe work

▪   LPG gas

What Will a Boiler Service Include?

Plumbtricians will perform several checks while conducting a general check-up. These include the following:


  • Visual checking for any problems in the flame or the boiler.
  • External and internal flue checking.
  • Detailed check-up of heat input and the operating pressure.
  • Make sure that the safety devices are working.
  • Thorough check-up of seals.
  • Removal of the casing to check boiler components, (such as sensor probe, injector, heat exchanger, burner, etc.).
  • Firing of the boiler to check for any faults.
  • Boiler cleaning (if required).
  • Preparation of service report.
Plumbtricians - Emergency Boiler Repair Specialists - Northamptonshire, Leicestershire.

Boiler Repair Services


Common Faults:

Over time or due to the absence of servicing your boiler can develop several faults which may end up in a breakdown or reduce the effective life of your boiler. Our Electricians and Gas Engineers are qualified and experienced enough to remove these faults and provide many other boiler-related services. Some of the common faults which boilers develop are discussed below.

Frozen Condensate Pipe:

This fault is common when you have a condensing boiler. The condensate pipe may get frozen and shut off your boiler. This is not an issue with your boiler but the emergency feature in the boiler turns it off to protect it. There can be several reasons for this issue. Your condensate pipe may not be insulated properly or has lost its insulation with time. You can see this yourself also, if the insulating foam is not properly covering the pipe or has worn off, then it should be re-insulated.

Pressure Drop:

Sometimes you may notice that your boiler loses pressure all of a sudden or it is not reaching the desired pressure. This could be because  you either bled the radiators, or the heating is off for long and therefore has lost pressure. Radiator imbalance could also be the cause. If you know a thing or two about boilers you can open the filling taps and repressurise your boiler till it reaches the required pressure which is usually one bar. Once this is done, you should close both the taps and your boiler should start working again. However, if this does not solve the problem you should get in touch with a qualified engineer. Our gas engineers are trained and well experienced to resolve these issues.


Corroded or old washers can lead to water leakages. This would require opening the boiler which you should never try at home unless you are qualified. We at Plumbtricians have a qualified team of local plumbers and gas engineers who will remove any leakages and replace/repair boiler parts.


Boiler Repair Services

Other Issues:

Although the above three are the most common issues there can be a host of other factors which may prevent the normal operation of the boiler. The diverter/zone valves, pressure relief valve or gas valve may need replacement. The thermostat or the thermocouple may not be working properly. Just get in touch with Plumbtricians and let us trace the fault. We also provide emergency boiler repair services in case of a breakdown. Apart from local boiler repair services for households, we also provide commercial boiler repair services.

Boiler Maintenance & Safety tips:

  • Periodic service such as annually would keep your boiler running.
  • You should have a carbon monoxide detector for your safety.
  • Always ask the engineer what is included in boiler service.
  • Boilers come with manuals but only for the trained.
  • Never try to replace/ repair  the boiler yourself if you are not trained.
  • Install an app on your smartphone to remind you for the periodic check-up of your boiler.
  • Do not forget to take a written report after the boiler has been serviced.



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